Eco Benefits of having your Roof Repaired / Insulated

According to the Energy Saving Trust, an inadequately insulated home loses as much as 25% of its heat through the roof. This should provide as good a reason as any to start thinking about the state of your roof. Making sure that your loft is well insulated is an important aspect of keeping your home up to scratch environmentally, but is only half the story; ensuring that your tiles and timbers are in a good state of repair is another key concern which should be taken seriously. Below we will discuss how best to keep your roof in good condition, so that the warmth can stay in your rooms where it belongs.

Why is insulating my loft necessary?

As with any purchase, the cost of loft insulation seems large and unnecessary on paper. This cost, however, doesn't reflect the huge savings on heating bills which are to be made with the appropriate amount of insulation. It goes without saying that wasting heat is also a tremendous environmental burden, resulting in the emission of huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, all of which could have been spared with an appropriately insulated home. It's also important to understand that since your home's insulation status will be present on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which is required if you wish to sell the property, potential buyers may be put off by a rating which is lower than other households in the neighbourhood.

What types of loft insulation are available?

The variety of types available can make the choice of insulation somewhat complicated. The list below, however, should help to provide you with enough information and assist you in making a choice about which type of insulation is right for your home.

Roof repairs cost so much - are they worth it?

Depending on the type of repair required, problems with the state of repair of your rooftop can have serious impacts on the energy efficiency of your home. Obvious damages, such as missing tiles, have undeniable effects. Even subtler defects (cracked or misaligned roof tiles, for example) can also result in the wastage of energy, as loss of the continuous layer of protection afforded by the tiles provides the perfect chance for heat to escape. As with loft insulation, the expense of the repairs themselves is quickly offset by significant savings in fuel bills, and by the increased interest that buyers will take once your EPC shows a more attractive picture. You can get no obligation quotes from roofing contractors anywhere in the UK including Bedford, Inverness, Middlesborough and Swindon.

Keeping your roof in good repair is a key priority which must be addressed if you're to avoid paying too much on your energy bills, and to see to it that you're doing your bit to keep the planet green. Having a professional assess the state of repair of your rooftop and to look at the sufficiency of your existing insulation is the best way to start.